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Year 3 Stone Age to Iron Age launch

We had a fantastic launch to our new topic. We went to the Bristol Museum and  had a workshop all about being archaeologists. We handled some Stone Age hand axes and looked at some Bronze Age axes and arrows. We found out about how they were made and what they were used for.

Here are some facts that learnt….

Palaeolithic is the word we use to describe the old Stone Age- that is between 4000 and 1 million years ago. These people used stones to hammer flint into sharp triangles. They then used them to kill animals, crush bones and cut the skin to make clothes.

Neolithic is the word we use to describe the New Stone Age. These people were more advanced and started farming and growing crops. They made their hand axes much sharper by shaping them with sand and water. They also attached the sharp stones to wooden sticks to make spears.

The Bronze Age came after the Stone Age and was around 3700bc to 500bc. This is when people discovered that you could put rock into a fire to melt the bronze. Then you could mould the bronze into different shapes. We looked at some Bronze Age arrows, axes and mounds. They also started to make jewellery and pins with bronze.

We got to look at some of these objects and we’re looking forward to finding out even more!

See below for some pictures of our day…

Mrs Sheahan

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Year 3 visit to Eden kitchens

As part of our healthy schools programs, each KS2 class will be having workshops at Eden, who provide our school lunches. We went yesterday and had a great time maki healthy biscuits, finding out about sugar and eating a delicious lunch!



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Reception Open Doors day

In Reception we have been looking at the work of Jackson Pollock. Over the last week of term we looked at some of his paintings and learned about how he created them. We know that he used big pieces of paper on the floor and moved all around, not keeping still. We know that he used sticks and his hands to paint and used drips and splatters by standing above the paper. Look at the pieces of art we created inspired by Jackson Pollock.

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Reception’s trip to Court Farm

Reception have visited Court Farm as a launch to our topic ‘how do things grow’. We met lots of animals, watched a cow being milked and fed a baby lamb. Have a look at the photos to see all of our day.

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Year 3 drumming

Year 3 put on a great performance of their drumming with Rubba yesterday. Year 4 are up next. 

Here are some pics…. video coming soon. 

Mrs S



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Open doors day in year 3

We had a fantastic showcase of our work from the last term, including our wildlife photographer of the year competition. Check out all the amazing photos….!



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