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Year 6’s final adventure

Our brilliant Year 6 children enjoyed their final St Barnabas trip today. We spent the day enjoying the seaside delights of Weston. We’d like to thank all of our amazing Year 6 pupils for a wonderful day and a brilliant end to their time at St Barnabas. We are very proud of you and will miss you lots.

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100% Attendance

Congratulations to all of our pupils who achieved 100% attendance this year.

Sadly, our average attendance has decreased significantly this year because of the rapid increase in families taking their children out of school for extended periods of time during term time.

Our target for the year was 96.5% and the attendance average we achieved is 94.3%. Our target for next year will be 96.5% so we will need to continue to ensure that every child attends well and that holidays are not taken during term time.  Please support the school improving our attendance percentage and remember every lesson counts!

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Last Football Club of the year.

Unfortunately today was the last football club of the year and we celebrated the year with a fantastic and thrilling tournament. We have had a great year and all of the children have made amazing progress with their footballing skills.

Mr Turnbull and I are especially proud of the team work and compassion shown by all the children and how they ensure everyone has so much fun each week.

At the end of our tournament we held an awards ceremony with the winning team recieving a trophy and personal awards for the ‘Best Player Of The Year’ and ‘Most Improved Player Of The Year.’

See you all in September for another year of Football Club.

Mr Georgiou



Kaiden (Yr 6) was awarded Player Of The Year and Alicia (Yr 5) was awarded Most Improved Player Of The Year. Congratulations!

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The Lion King

Congratulations to our talented Year 6 for two epic performances of the Lion King. You truly let your lights shine and we are all very proud of you.  Hakuna matata!

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Year 3 open doors day

We had a lovely afternoon celebrating our Stone Age to Iron Age topic. We decided to be prehistoric artists and after looking at some Neolithic cave art from around the world, we made our own natural paints and thought about what a prehistoric Briton would want to record. Here are some pictures…. 


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Wright brothers – First flight

We have been learning about the history of flight in year 2. We had a go at making our own planes and hosted a competition to see who could fly their paper aeroplane the furthest.


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